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Welcome to the Palm Springs Area Survival Guide (PSASG)

After nearly 21 years of living and working in the Coachella Valley, it has become evident to me that a new no-nonsense publication is needed — one that consistently focuses on issues that both visitors and residents need to be concerned with to stay safe and truly enjoy the benefits that the Valley has to offer.

The PSASG Concept
The concept of the PSASG came to my son and me about 6 years ago following the tragic death of a dear friend and prominent resident of the Coachella Valley, whom we believe met an untimely death while under the supervision of a caregiver hired by immediate family members.

Following reports that our friend was being held in his home, without the freedom to contact or speak freely with anyone in person or by telephone, I made numerous appeals for help to area law enforcement, social services, and local politicians. All attempts failed. Our friend died soon thereafter, following complications from a mysterious accident in his home.

The circumstances leading up to this prominent man’s death, including issues pertaining to the failure of local government and social services to protect him, will be revealed and discussed in a future article.

A Challenge for Our Readers . . . To Ask Questions, Open Their Eyes, and Get Involved!
It is hoped that this publication will be both informative and challenging — helping our readers to ask questions, open their eyes, and get actively involved in both the discussions and resolutions of important Valley issues.

The Coachella Valley is truly a beautiful place, but even a rose is not without its thorns! There is a seductive quality here that lures people of all ages, nationalities, and socio-economic lifestyles. Some relocate their businesses or start new ones. Others come looking for new jobs or new careers with the expectation of cashing in on the historical prominence of the Palm Springs name. Still others are just seeking a better climate, better health, and a sense of community in their retirement.

Whatever they are searching for, some find it, but many do not — often because they fail to do their research and plan for the less obvious realities of the area. It is hoped that the PSASG will provide valuable information and insight to those who are considering relocating to our valley.

The PSASG Look By now, you have probably noticed that the PSASG has a simpler, more classic look than other Web publications. That is by design. The use of a more traditional black on white color scheme, utilizing a few accent colors, has been purposely planned to be consistent with the PSASG's mission of providing honest, straight-forward reporting on issues of interest.

The Format
The PSASG features a special format — one that provides for the presentation and discussion of important issues followed by ways readers can get informed and get involved.

Each article will also provide important links to additional resources, including public officials to whom readers can make comments and express concerns.

Thank you for visiting our site. We value your readership and look forward to having you as regular visitors.

Pat El Sharei


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